Respisense Ditto Monitor Breathing Alarm

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Respisense™ is the pioneer in portable movement monitoring, and no other monitor can lay claim to its unique combination of freedom of movement, safety in design, proactive response and proven track record.

Respisense™ monitors the breathing effort of a baby. If the breathing effort stops, becomes too slow or too shallow the built-in stimulator will gently stir the baby to breathe, failing which a loud alarm will alert the nearest adult. Because Cot Death does not always occur in cots, Respisense™ monitors are designed to work anywhere your baby may fall asleep. No other monitor allows the freedom of movement that Respisense™ does.

The ultra-portable Respisense™ breathing monitor is easy to operate and works wherever baby may fall asleep. Twins can now be safely monitored while sharing a cot, and mother need not fear that she may doze off while breastfeeding at night, leaving her baby unmonitored.

The Respisense™ monitor will differentiate between and indicate whether rhythmic breathing or general movements are detected, and if no breathing effort can be sensed for 15 seconds the built-in stimulator will gently stir baby to resume breathing. Audible and visual alarms are activated if breathing does not restart within a further 5 seconds. Various safety features allow simple, trouble-free monitoring.

The super-safe, perfectly portable and proactive Respisense™ monitor with built-in breathing stimulator allows parents to enjoy their babies while still allowing peace of mind and freedom of movement, at home, at day-care, out-and-about, in Grandmother’s lap, even while asleep together.

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