Clevamama Memory Foam Pillow

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The Memory Foam Pillow made by Clevamama, has been praised for its value in reducing plagiocephaly or ‘flat head syndrome’ in babies.

Researchers at Trinity College in Dublin carried out a scientific analysis of the Cleva mama Memory Foam Pillow at their Centre for Bioengineering. The researchers found that the pillow reduced the pressure on a baby’s skull, which aggravates flat head syndrome. They used a computerised model of a baby’s head, looking at the biomechanics of contact between the soft back of the skull and supporting materials. They compared an ordinary mattress with the Clevamama polyurethane foam pillow, and found that the pillow reduced the pressure on the baby’s cranium by almost 50% while providing more than 80 % more contact with the head.

Commenting on the research findings, Alexander Lennon, research fellow at Trinity College Dublin and co-author of the study said, “There has been little study so far into the biomechanics that cause deformational plagiocephaly. We believe this research is an important first step and goes a long way to advancing our understanding of potential mechanism, and treatments, for flat head syndrome.”

Plagiocephaly has become more widespread since the introduction of recommendations to place babies on their back when they go to sleep, to reduce the risk of cot death. For example, Holles Street Maternity Hospital in Dublin has reported seeing an average six cases per week, equivalent to more than 300 cases per year.

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