Aerosleep Baby Mattress Protector 70x140cm

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Aerosleep Baby Mattress Protector - Cot Bed (White) 70cm x 140cm

AeroSleep is revolutionary when it comes to the safety and health of your sleeping baby. It is not the mattress that should allow air to circulate but the surface on which the baby sleeps. Research has shown that mattresses are breeding grounds for bacteria and dust and should preferably be covered. However, an ordinary mattress cover blocks the air permeability of the mattress.

For this reason, AeroSleep has developed a new concept: a mattress cover that combines all positive properties. The 3D honeycomb structure is air-permeable and thereby reduces the risk of cot death. In addition, the AeroSleep structure absorbs damp and forms a shield between the baby and the allergens in the mattress.
Thanks to this maximum air permeability, AeroSleep helps preventively to reduce particular possible risks of cot death: suffocation, rebreathing and heat congestion.

Underneath this layer of air, there is an absorption and protection layer that ensures that the mattress is fully protected .-

The absorption layer absorbs moisture and vomit and keeps your baby's skin dry. - The impenetrable protective film underneath stops the baby from coming into contact with dust, pollen and house mite from the mattress. It also keeps the mattress free of bacteria.

About Aerosleep Technology

Note: Never use a regular sheet together with the AeroSleep Mattress Protect Cover as it will constrict airflow and diminish the air permeability of the system. Aerosleep Mattress Protect Cover and Aerosleep Fitted Sheet are recommended for use together to maximise their effectiveness.

This product should be washed at 60°C thus benefits from a clean and healthy sleeping surface time after time. Dries quickly

.AeroSleep Baby Protect can be fitted on any type of mattress and is very easy to secure. It is easy to carry when travelling for when the baby is sleeping away from home making any cot mattress a safe environment for your baby.

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